The Walker|West Story

Our Mission

Walker|West is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to create a music learning community rooted in the African-American cultural experience where people of all ages and backgrounds can gather, explore and grow, through music.

The history of a school and a vibrant, enduring community institution cannot be broken down solely into dates and facts. The story of Walker|West Music Academy is really about a commitment to music education, and about the people of all ages whose lives are enriched by it. We have been here in the Summit-University neighborhood since 1988.  Thousands of our students have gone on to do exceptionally well in music and in other avenues of life. It all began with a commitment and vision pursued by two renowned African-American musicians, Reverend Carl Walker and Grant West.

So, Why Does Music Education Matter?

Our amazing team of teaching artists offers great answers to this provocative question. Many academic studies back them up. By now, most people realize that kids who study and make a commitment to music often do better in school overall. They are motivated. Some can actually make a good living through their musical talents and hard work – and that’s just one of the unique aspects of our music programs. And music education is not just critical for young people. It also greatly enriches the lives of adults!

We are open to any student who wishes to learn. We encourage everyone to be all they can be. Not every student will ultimately find a career in music, but we know their experience here at Walker West will help them lead a more enriched and fulfilled life. And if they do want to pursue a career, our training can help make it happen.

We want you to see us and hear us. We want you to join us! If you want to learn more about jazz, gospel, classical or other contemporary music styles – or if you simply want music to thrive and kids and teens in St. Paul to excel, we will welcome your support for our mission. Call 651-224-2929  or contact us online right now.