Susanna Kashiemer

Susanna Kashiemer

What do you do at Walker West?

I am a vocal performance coach. I cover vocal fundamentals as well as ear training,
performance coaching, and mindset coaching to empower my vocal students to remove
limiting beliefs & express their truest voice, with confidence.


YOU! Your voice, your soul, your mindset

What style(s) of music do you teach/play?

Pop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Gospel, Musicals, Worship leading/Worship vocal


I come from a family of singers/musicians who traveled all over the States and
internationally but somewhat randomly were based out of Hutchinson, Minnesota. We
happened to be the first and only family of color there for a while growing up, and we
went through much hardship and racism as a result…it often made me wonder why we
ended up there. During these years, strength, character, compassion and a passion for
social justice were first deposited in me.

Interestingly, several years later, as an adult, I was doing some history on the city and
found that the city’s founders were the Hutchinson Family Singers…who used to travel
across the nation during the pre-Civil War days singing bold, abolitionist songs about
anti-slavery and social justice. Perhaps my family roots were planted exactly where we
needed to be. I hope I and my family continue in the spirit of that endeavor in this

What are some performance/professional highlights?

– Singing with my former band doing a Christmas gig in a club, getting everyone
dancing to covers of Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder & Sade and then
having a divine moment of my audience and I singing Oh Holy Night together and
having so many come up later saying they could feel the tangible Spirit all over…

– Recording vocals for a hiphop kids album and singing backup and solos for several
other transformative recording projects.

– Honestly the best highlight will always be connecting soul-to-soul with my audience and
together with other musicians in that flow. Whether singing a lullaby to my children or
traveling all over singing to large crowds, as long as I am depositing hope, truth, life
and healing thru my voice, whether singing, speaking or coaching, I’m deeply grateful
to be a part of those moments.

What was your first gig?

First gig: 2 years old on stage singing my “signature” song as part of my family’s group
First paid gig: 8 years old – was requested to sing for a wedding engagement party

Favorite Walker West memory/experience?

Attending the Kevin Washington Quintet performance with my family and watching my
inspired, avid drummer 10-year-old son, turn over the empty plastic cups and make his
own drum set at our table and play right along with the band!

Musical influences?

My family, my former vocal teacher – Tamara Haskin, DeLeon Richards, Whitney, a huge
range of Gospel/worship music, Stevie Wonder, Tori Kelly, India.Arie, Sade…
Most of the time, I prefer to listen to a broad variety of jazz, funk, EDM, instrumental
fusions with a global flair & a groove such as Anomalie, Palov Stelar, and Stromae to name
a few as well as chill healing frequencies.

Favorite album?

Oh man…hard to pin just one down…so I’ll just say, the one my kids put out someday. I
get to watch it grow inside of them, so it’s my fave already. 😉

Why is music education so important?

Music affect us on so many levels, our brain, our soul, our body, our spirit…when we
can tap into learning how to speak the language of music it exponentially increases our
capacity to express & connect with the humanity and divinity in ourselves and within our
brothers and sisters and express and expand the connection with our Divine Creator.

Advice to young musicians?

Find your own voice – Be yourself.

Nothing can stop the Divine gift inside of us, except our own limited thinking. So, show
your mind examples of courageous individuals that inspire you and persevere diligently
in your path. The world needs YOUR voice!