Jack Barrett – Piano Instructor

Jack Barrett

What do you do at Walker West?

I teach piano


Piano, organ, drums

What style(s) of music do you teach/play?

Classical, jazz


St Paul, Minnesota

What are some performance/professional highlights?

I have performed in the Twin Cities Jazz festival, as well as Paisley Park.

What was your first gig?

I believe it was in college, playing for some outdoor event with my friend singing.

Favorite Walker West memory/experience?

I love bringing in unusual instruments for my students to try. I recently brought in my Moog analogue synthesizer and watching their faces as they began to explore was amazing.

Musical influences?

Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea

Favorite album?

Belonging – Keith Jarrett

Mockroot – Tigran Hamasyan

Why is music education so important?

Music is being cut in many school districts and without a way to learn, most children will never unlock the potential within them. It is crucial to the development of a child to be creative, and music is one of the most universal and accessible ways to access that creativity

Advice to young musicians?

Practice as much as you can, and take pride in your accomplishments. Don’t compare yourself to others, your musical journey isn’t going to look the same as anyone else’s.