Craig Hill

Craig Hill

What do you do at Walker West?
Percussion Instructor

Furthermore, you are welcome to schedule a session in audition preparation, theory, history, conducting, and interpretation with your instrument.

What style(s) of music do you teach/play?
The style that motivates you.

Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.

What are some performance/professional highlights?
-BBC Planet Earth film tours, world premiere
-Kitchen Beat, Tokyo, Japan, percussion soloist
-GRAMMY Experience nightclub, house band, Florida

What was your first gig?
“Little Shop of Horrors” – Menken/Ashman

Favorite Walker West memory/experience?
Meeting the team in the conference room

Musical influences?
What did you bring today?

Favorite album?
I am uncomfortable with the notion of favorites.

Why is music education so important?
The techniques that we use to discuss, analyze, and create are not limited to the physical, aural, and emotional qualities of music. These skills can be lent to approach other fields or situations whether precise or abstract.

Advice to young musicians?
Growth begins when you choose, for yourself, a path of change. Making a decision, building, failing, building in a new way. . . This provides you with insights and perspective into yourself. The resulting trust and confidence in yourself can then be extended to others. It is far easier to see from another’s perspective and note his/her capacity for betterment, when we have experienced the difficulties and reform within.

Interested in taking percussion lessons?
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