Ronisha Davis

What do you do at Walker|West?

I am the Office Manager/Student Services Coordinator.

As Office Manager, I process payables and receivables, manage financial documents and assist with administrative, executive and program tasks and projects.

As  Student Services Coordinator, I help with the day- to-day management of student affairs and will be the first point of contact for all families and guests entering the building.



Vocals / Writing Music



Minneapolis, MN


What are some performance/professional highlights?

I’ve worked in retail management for 8 years and in radio/promotion for 10 years. I started my own Makeup Cosmetics company in 2014, and became a part of Walker|West team in the fall of 2017.


Favorite Walker|West memory/experience?

One of my favorite moments was watching one of the founders of the school, Grant West, play alongside his grandson for one of the recitals. My experience with working here has been great. I’ve learned so many things musically and have had the chance to grow relationships with some of the students and family. The students are so gifted. I’m definitely proud to be apart of such a inspiring organization.


Musical influences?

  • Michael Jackson
  • Prince
  • Beyonce
  • Jay Z
  • Mary J Blige
  • Nina Simone
  • Erykah Badu
  • Chaka Khan


Favorite album?

  • Earth Wind and Fire –  Greatest Hits Live
  • Beyonce – Every Album
  • Mary J Blige – Every Album
  • Jay Z – Every Album

Why is music education so important?

Music education is so important because it is an expression of life through song and instrument. It teaches you discipline in so many forms and helps you grow mentally. I believe some of the smartest people in the world play an instrument. I believe that everyone should try learning and instrument in their lifetime. Music is an art form and I feel it is needed in the world to create harmony.


Advice to young musicians?

Continue working on your craft, practice as much as you can and always believe in yourself.