Music for Families: An Interview with main instructor, Ivory Doublette

For Our Youngest Music Learners –Virtual Learning Has Its Perks

Benny Moreno, photographer and social media manager for Walker|West had a change to catch up with Ivory about what’s new with our Music For Families program as we look forward to 2021.

Enrollment is way up for the virtual Early Childhood program, why do you think this is the case?

“I was so shocked to see how quickly classes filled up this time! I think many families are searching for a way to keep some routine and predictability in their lives and the lives of their children. I also think having the option of not commuting for extracurriculars during MN winters is also a bonus!”

What is the importance of music/music education in these times?

“Music and music education is so important all the time. Even when we are not in a pandemic! Music supports brain development in young children. Music can help with identifying and regulating emotions and music creates new opportunities to bond with our family.”

How are the online classes going? How have you had to adapt your teaching style?

“Classes are going really well. We are learning that even during a pandemic life can still be so busy. Being able to have access to YouTube versions of class as well as Zoom sessions helps keep families engaged in a way that works for them. Technology hasn’t been too bad either! There are definitely changes I have to make after each lesson.

If I realize a song or activity is well received over Zoom I make plans to keep it in our lineup! If there is something that doesn’t go over well, (sometimes our books/stories are not helpful to our Zoom class) I make plans to try something new! Just like in person classes I want to encourage flexibility and for the students to lead while the grownups follow! ”

Any memorable moments?

“Whenever we are ending class and my students or their families don’t want it to end I think we are creating memorable moments, moments we want to hold on to! ”


Our early childhood program, in partnership with McPhail is currently enrolling. Tuition assistance is available. Learn more and register your student today:

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