REGISTRATION AND TUITION: A registration form and a non-refundable $40 registration fee (per family) is due annually (academic calendar) upon registration. The completed registration form, registration fee and a payment of at least half (5 weeks) of total tuition are necessary to secure the lesson time slot for the session. After initial registration, student/parent may re-enroll for sessions of 10 lessons within the academic calendar year by notifying front desk by phone, email or filling out a continuing registration form either online or by hand. All students must have $0 balance to re-register. There is a $20 fee for returned checks and any other insufficient fund payments.
REGISTRATION FEE UNDER TUITION ASSISTANCE: If a family wishes to apply for assistance, the family is still responsible for the $40 registration fee. TA is time-sensitive and scholarships are only allocated at the beginning of each session of lessons. Completed registration form, completed TA application and payment of registration fee and first two lessons are required to be eligible for an award. Please consult Student Services for more information about TA before applying.
ABSENCES/ MAKE-UP LESSONS: Students are charged for all lessons for which they register within a session, including lessons missed due to student absence. In order to be EXCUSED from a lesson, students must notify the Academy at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson. Students are only allowed one make-up lesson per session for an EXCUSED absence. UNEXCUSED student absences do not merit a credit, refund or make-up lesson. Students arriving late to a lesson are only entitled to the time remaining in the lesson slot.
FACULTY CANCELLATIONS: In the event, an instructor must cancel a lesson, the Student Services Coordinator will contact the student and arrange for a make-up lesson or a substitute teacher. If neither can be arranged, a credit for the missed lesson will be applied to the student’s account.
REFUNDS/ WITHDRAWAL: A student may decide to withdraw from lessons before the 3rd week of lessons and receive a refund for the remaining lessons either by credit or check. If a student decides to withdraw from lessons after the 3rd week or does not show up for two consecutive weeks without communication with the Academy, the student will still be responsible for the tuition for the full session of lessons.
ENSEMBLE POLICIES: Ensembles are group instruction and have different policies than individual instruction because of the number of people enrolled, building space requirements, and length of instruction time. Students who register for an ensemble are paying to be a member of that group – to partake in instruction and participate in performance opportunities. Student absences will not be excused. There will be no make-ups for student absences. If practice is canceled due to weather or another emergency – families will be notified and accommodations will be made. If practice falls on a holiday, a reduced price will be charged at registration. Ensembles are performance oriented and students are expected to attend all performances. Advanced groups are expected to compete in jazz festivals.
MEDIA RELEASE: Walker|West occasionally captures photos, and other media content of its programming to utilize in promotional materials and on its website and social media accounts which include photos of students, faculty and/or family members. Walker|West will omit use of any student media content at the request of the family. If you need to request the removal of any media content, please contact Student Services at 651-224-2929 or info@walkerwest.org